We are an Electronic Shelf Labels expert. Our Solution will improve your profitability, efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility.


Etagg Solutions brings a high-tech line of electronic shelf labels into the US market. This advanced technology uses dynamic digital displays to enhance pricing and promotions strategies with speed, agility and 100% accuracy. With this technology, companies can improve their efficiency, eliminate the printing of thousands of paper labels, and enhance the shopping experience for customers. Etagg senior management has over 50 years of combined retail and corporate experience. With a full turn key solution, Etagg brings a significant value to its customers. Etagg Solutions Corporate office is located in Pleasant Prairie, WI.


  • "I never knew how many pricing errors we had until I implemented Etagg Solutions' electronic shelf labels!"

    Manager, Cedar Petroleum, Minneapolis, MN
  • "The technology is surprisingly easy to use. I have been able to make all the pricing updates on my own and it's so efficient!"



Sports Dome in Kenosha, WI

Sports Dome Kenosha, Wisconsin completed the installation of ESL throughout the store.


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